TBE Talent Center Is the Employee Self-Service Portal to Keep Employee Data Up to Date and Complete Onboarding Tasks and Forms Anywhere, Anytime, From Any Device

Eliminate paper-based HR processes and manual administrative human resources tasks by setting up Talent Center.
Automate and use e-signature for all new hire and employee paperwork packets.
Enable employee self-service for employee data updates like address and phone number changes.

Talent Center is the Central Portal for Employees to Access Self-Service HR Tasks and Complete Employment Forms

Key Features

  • Modern look and feel.
  • Responsive design works from any device: smartphone, tablet, or traditional computers.
  • Customizable themes, branding and logos.
  • Rename “Talent Center” at your discretion.
  • Add your logo.
  • Configurable content gadgets allow personalization and customized content.
  • Auto email recovery saves HR team from having to respond to forgotten password requests.
  • Scalable platform grows as your organization grows.


  • Greatly reduces manual HR tasks like updating employee addresses, phone numbers and other data by enabling employee self service via a secure web portal.
  • Eliminates paper-based new hire and employee documentation by taking your existing forms, converting them to electronic versions, and enabling new hires and employees to complete them online with e-signature technology.
  • TBE Talent Center saves time and reduces manual, paper-based processes, making your HR department more efficient.
  • Modernizes the new hire onboarding experience.
  • Reduces cost per hire.
  • New Hire & Other Employee Paperwork is Now Completed and e-signed Online.